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Chairman Message

Dr.Ijaz Bashir

Cleft Hospital Pakistan is a World Class Centre catering all the needs for treatment of cleft lip and palate under one roof.We started with the mission to deliver international standard treatment facility to every cleft lip and palate patient.

A group of nationally and internationally renowned cleft surgeons, Orthodontists, Speech therapists, Audiologists and paramedics have pooled their services to provide state of art Cleft Treatment Services and Trainings.

Our partners in Pakistan and abroad are striving hard to develop this platform as a Health Service Delivery Model in Pakistan.Let us join hands to strengthen and expand this unique facility with the mission to change lives by filling the gaps.Let us please our Creator and do what He expects from us. As it is said;

“Those who are beneficial for others are best among the people.”

“He, Who created death and life, will test you, as to whose work is excellent among you…”  (67:2) Al-Quran